Automotive history begins with steam car autopropulsado 18th century.In 1885 the first motor vehicle is created by internal combustion the invention was caracterized more cars.Then they realized that this was something useful.
The car goes through the three phases of the major means of propulsion:steam,electricity and gasoline.
The first steam vehicle was Fardier (1769),created by Nicolas Cugnot.fardier


Research Stage

Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot (1725-1804) took the first step,to build a steam car.
In was a tricycle riding on the front of a boiler and engine two vertical cylinders.In 177o the second model is built with this version came first landform.
Cugnot in 1771 to give him time to create the third version.
In 1784 William Murdoch built a model steam carriage and in 1801 Richard Trevithick drove a vehicle in Camborne (United Kingdom).In these early innovations like car hand brake were developed speeds and steering wheel.
Josef Bozek in 1815,i built a car powered motor oil.In 1838 walter hancock faeton built a four-seater powered by steam.And that same year Robert Davidson built an electric locomotored that reached 6km. per hour.Between 1832 and 1839 Robert Arderson invented the first car powered by non-rechargable electric cells.
The first automobiles with gasoline were almost simultaneously developed by German Engineers woorking indepently:Kart Benz built his first model (the Benz Patent-Motorwagen) in 1885 in Mannheim.Benz patented it on January 29,1886 and began to produce in 1888.Soon after,Gottlieb Dainler and Wilhelm Maybach,stuttgart,designed their own car in 1889.